What Romney Needs to Say About RomneyCare

Mona Charen, writing at the National Review Online, counsels Mitt Romney about what to say in defense of RomneyCare.  Charen devotes more than a few words in detailing a defense for Romney.  Charen's counsel is wrong, in that candidates who play defense tend to lose.  Elections aren't debating societies, where one examines positions thoughtfully, probes gradations of gray, and formulates nuanced responses. Voters have little time or patience for such niceties.      The clash of candidates is a bare-knuckled brawl.  The candidate who takes the fight to his opponent and lands the most blows is the likely winner.  That may make some observers and voters uncomfortable, but it is what it is.  Romney doesn't need to devote much, if any, time to parsing RomneyCare.  The former Massachusetts governor needs to spend loads of time flailing President Obama for his ObamaCare fiasco. The lines of attack are many and rich for Romney, and...(Read Full Post)