What I Miss About America

 Here are just a few of the things I miss since America entered the golden age of Hope and Change in January 2009.  o Optimism  o Going for minutes, hours, even days, without worrying about what weird insanity the government is dreaming up next  o Having money  o The Border Patrol  o Looking up at the moon and thinking, "America - we own space!"  o Having a president whose background isn't more closely guarded than the formula for Coke  o Going on vacation without the TSA auditioning me for "Stella Does Dallas"  o Jobs  o Not feeling like I have to whisper, if I say something that's not completely, 100% complimentary about our president  o Listening to the latest rant against Israel at the UN, without wondering if it's coming from the American Ambassador  o Feeling protected  o Having a president who doesn't want to fundamentally transform me  o Getting a doctor's appointment right away and not thinking, "That was...(Read Full Post)