Wash. Post's atrocious news judgment

Editors of newspapers from far and wide had no problem grasping the relative news value of what happened on July 18 in Damascus and in a seaside resort in Bulgaria. The top story obviously was the Syrian rebels' deadly bombing of Assad's inner circle, wiping out his top security leadership.  It was a transformative event that dramatically demonstrated the rebels' ability to bring their revolution to the heart of the Assad regime.  The dictator suddenly has become highly vulnerable. The second story, also widely played out on front pages, was the deadly terrorist attack on Israeli vacationers in Burgas, Bulgaria, on the Black Sea.  With Israel blaming Iran, this obviously also was top news -- and easily qualified for the second spot on front pages. But not at the Washington Post, which bumped the slaughter of Israelis to the back page. "Blast kills at least six Israelis on a bus in Bulgaria:  Netanyahu blames Iran" bottom of page A18). Post editors attached more...(Read Full Post)