Trusting Obama?

Forget about his base.  Polls seem to indicate that while many folks want to believe in the President, their conviction is waning.  The mantra of Hope and Change, that inspired millions across the full spectrum of the voting electorate has fallen a bit in less than four years.  People are suspicious.   The latest decision of the Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act has resulted in a concern, many concerns, of how this will play out.  Seniors are wondering how this affects them. Medicare!  Businesses are wondering how this affects their hiring plans. Costs! Younger voters may be wondering how the ruling will result in a mandatory enrollment plan.  On this, we will see.  Independents are trying to muddle through the morass of regulations within the new law and its consequent rulings.  Questions! Wondering is not the same as questioning.  Wondering precedes questioning.  Wondering is a state of both uncertainty and unknowing...(Read Full Post)