The ugly face of New York Times readers

Good grief, the readership of the NYT are outright frightening.  Looking through the comments on its coverage of Romney's speech in Jerusalem is an eye opener. A sample:  - It is more than deplorable to see AIPAC's control of Congress and the WH. In countries that do not have an AIPAC-equivalent , the legislatures are free to use critical thinking to reflect on history. The rest of the world needs only common sense to see & understand who are the foreigners, colonizers, land stealers , ethnic cleansers and brutal occupiers versus who are the indigenous people who have been forced from THEIR land (750,000 from 425 villages &12 urban centers in 1948 alone, all against the tenets of the UN Res #181) or to live gasping under the oppressive Zionist boot....  - Romney is an empty vessel, currently being filled with sludge by the same group of neo-cons who got us into Iraq: same fears, same rhetoric, same tactics ...and, potentially, the same result.  - Sheldon...(Read Full Post)