The Trouble with Harry

So Sonny Boy and I paid a visit to Harry at Avow Hospice yesterday.  Sonny was welcomed with open arms by all.  Frances Georgeson's Avow Hospice is about as close to paradise on earth this side of the lawn.  (Dark humor aside, I should never have placed "roach motel" and Frances Georgeson's Avow Hospice in the same sentence, paragraph, or article...durn it...OK, so, this is the last time...)  I left Harry and his fine staff feeling somewhat embarrassed about my needless worry.  Harry is receiving the love and care any one of us would wish upon any of our family members. Upon arriving, Sonny signed in, and we spent the morning with Harry watching the SPEED Channel.  Harry loves to drive.  Harry drove hopped up roadsters up and down Daytona Beach before most of us were born.  Funny thing about Harry and his cars: the one thing he loves most about his cars are his hubcaps.  The rest of his car could be a NASCAR wreck, so long as all four...(Read Full Post)