The Smoking Gun at Penn State

When Joe Paterno was fired by the Penn State Board of Trustees on November 9, 2011, some brave souls (including one at American Thinker) argued that the board had acted precipitously.  After all, when Mike McQueary told him about the incident he had witnessed in the shower, Paterno had promptly reported it to the Athletic Director and to the Vice President who oversaw the campus police.  In the face of universal revulsion and anger at the allegations against Jerry Sandusky, the board had panicked.  It had not been JoePa's responsibility to pursue the matter.  The coach had committed no illegal act and ought to have been permitted to finish out the season. This view was always dubious.  Paterno must have been aware that Sandusky was continuing to visit the Penn State football facility, the Lasch Building, with boys from The Second Mile.  If he didn't know, he ought to have made it his business to find out.  Then he ought to have phoned the...(Read Full Post)