The Real Olympic Spirit

The Lebanese judo team showed up at its practice venue and discovered they would be sharing the facility with another team. What do you think they should have done? 1. Walk over and introduce themselves in a friendly manner in keeping with the "Olympic Spirit?" 2. Ignore the other team and concentrate on practicing for their events. 3. Run to the IOC and London organizers and demand that a partition be put up between the two teams. Oh...did I mention the other team was the Israeli judo squad? Times of Israel: The Lebanese judo team at the 2012 London Olympics refused to practice next to the Israeli one on Friday afternoon, and a makeshift barrier was erected to split their gym into two halves. According to several Hebrew sports sites, the two teams were scheduled to use the same gym and mats at London's new ExCeL center for their final preparations. However, the delegation from Lebanon would not train in view of the Israeli team, and insisted some sort of barrier be placed...(Read Full Post)