The NCAA Got It Wrong

The horror of the Jerry Sandusky crimes committed against young boys is almost too much to believe.  But Sandusky is off to prison where he will experience a living hell for however much longer he lives.  Joe Paterno's legacy is now one of shame and disgust.  But, the recent NCAA sanctions levied upon Penn State are punishing the wrong people.  The Administrative people in the Penn State management chain are the guilty ones and they will be prosecuted and sued and vilified for the rest of their lives.  However: The Penn State fans did not participate in this cover up; The current Penn State coach did not participate in the cover up; The current Penn State football players did not have anything to do with the cover up; The men and women who are on the "small" intercollegiate sports (e.g., swimming, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and countless other sports) and who depend upon Penn State football revenues for their program's survival did not participate in...(Read Full Post)