The Flip-Side of "You Didn't Build That" Is "Everything Is Your Fault"

President Obama recently claimed that successful entrepreneurs are not responsible for the success of their businesses.  The president and his defenders now allege that he did not mean what he said, but it is clear that these words were merely an awkward restatement of Elizabeth Warren's well-received speech (among liberals) about the social contract.  It did not take long for the President to learn that what sounds like common sense when uttered by Ms. Warren in a living room in Massachusetts may sound heretical when repeated elsewhere. Many conservatives have rightly noted that this approach fails to give the successful entrepreneur his or her due.  It is left to notice that, to be logically consistent, the liberal advocates of the doctrine of non-responsibility would also have to apply this doctrine to the massacre in Aurora, Colorado.  To use the words of Ms. Warren, we educated the alleged murderer, James Holmes, in our public schools, and he used the roads...(Read Full Post)