The differences between Republicans and Democrats

New York, Chicago and Boston are beset by rising unemployment as private employers flee. There are higher public expenditures for education, police and fire protection and other public services while the tax base shrinks and taxes rise. Increasing rates of violent crime plus numerous other serious urban ills -- what do their mayors worry about? New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Democrat all but in name, morphs into Nanny Big Brother, scolding about his constituents' health, decreeing how much soda pop a consumer can purchase while mandating posted calorie counts for restaurant food. Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Boston's Thomas Menino, both Democrats, have decided to ignore the section of the Constitution relating to freedom of speech and religion because the owner of a fast food chicken restaurant, Chick-Fil- A, exercising said Constitutional rights, publicly stated his opposition to same sex marriage. He never said anything about not serving or employing same sex couples or...(Read Full Post)