Syrian rebels on the offensive in Damascus

The Syrian rebels have brought the war home to Bashar Assad. A sustained offensive is underway in the Syrian capital of Damascus and Assad has responded by employing helicopter gunships. You know -- the helicopter gunships supplied by Russia who continues to swear that they're not being used in the civil war. AP: The fierce clashes, which have raged over the past three days in at least four neighborhoods across the city, were the latest sign that Syria's conflict is fast descending into a civil war that is moving ever closer to the heart of President Bashar Assad's regime. Government forces have already thrown tanks and armored personnel carriers into the fight in the capital, but the use of airpower reflected the intensity and seriousness of the clashes. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Damascus-based activist Maath al-Shami said the fighting Tuesday was concentrated in Kfar Souseh, Nahr Aisha, Midan and Qadam. "I can hear cracks of gunfire and...(Read Full Post)