Syrian opposition rejects Geneva UN plan

The one uniting factor for Syrian opposition groups since the beginning was that there would be no negotiations with the Syrian government as long as President Assad was in power. Why, then, did the UN Security Council endorse Kofi Annan's peace plan that calls for the opposition to talk with the Syrian government while it is headed up by Bashar Assad? No accounting for blind stupidity. USA Today: Syrian opposition figures rejected any notion of sharing in a transition with Assad. "Every day I ask myself, do they not see how the Syrian people are being slaughtered?" veteran Syrian opposition figure Haitham Maleh asked. "It is a catastrophe, the country has been destroyed, and they want us then to sit with the killer?" Maleh described the agreement reached in Geneva as a waste of time and of "no value on the ground." "The Syrian people are the ones who will decide the battle on the ground, not those sitting in Geneva or New York or anywhere else," he said by telephone from Cairo,...(Read Full Post)