Romney/Scott 2012

I am rooting for Governor Rick Scott for Romney's running mate. Mitt ~ Scott has a nice ring to it. Aside from that, can you imagine Rick Scott running circles around Joe Biden in a debate about nurses, doctors, hospitals, & whether the government should be running em? Methinks the Guvnah would surgically remove what's left of good ole Uncle Joe's wits in any duel, anytime, and anyplace.  Speaking of Joe Bite-me, didja hear that ole Joe is demanding that Mitt release all his tax returns?  Frankly, I would love to see Mitt's tax returns meself. Everyone loves a real man's American success story, after all is said and done.  Mitt should tell Joe that he will release one year's tax return for each and every year of college transcript of Obama's.  I'll bet Mitt has more million dollar tax returns than Obama has years of schooling.  I think we should all be able to judge our candidates by their fruits.  Perhaps then we shall all be able to see where Obama...(Read Full Post)