Romney's first foreign policy foray a disaster

I suppose I could spin it and say it really wasn't that bad, and that the British press exaggerates everything. Both points are valid. Romney didn't say anyting fatal, nor does anyone imagine the tabloid editors in England as anything but gutter merchants. But face it: Romney stunk. And he made no friends over there despite the opportunity to shine in contrast to the president. Washington Post: Thursday was supposed to be the easy day, when Mitt Romney would audition as a world leader here by talking about his shared values with the heads of the United States' friendliest ally. Instead, the Republican presidential candidate insulted Britain as it welcomed the world for the Olympics by casting doubt on London's readiness for the Games, which open Friday, saying that the preparations he had seen were "disconcerting" and that it is "hard to know just how well it will turn out." The comments drew a swift rebuke from Prime Minister David Cameron and, by day's end, a public...(Read Full Post)