Romney Versus the Ruthless Obamanauts

The Romney campaign faces a ruthless enemy, headquartered in Chicago. Many fear Romney is bringing a knife to a gunfight.  Richard Baehr writes: Seeing the way the Obamanauts spin the statement from Roanoke last week should be all the evidence our side needs that truth or accuracy mean nothing to the other side. Four Pinochios will not stop the ads on outsourcing in Ohio. Romney is a felon, he paid no taxes, he is using illegal tax shelters. Each day a new attack, all false or innuendo. Our side seems satisfied when an article shows an Obama campaign claim is false.  We will lose if this is how battle continues. Our side needs to be on the attack all the time. There is very close coordination between Obama campaign, selected investigative  journalists, and certain opinion writers. Greg Sargent at the Washington Post is in the middle spreading each new lie of the day.  Today's innuendo is that Romney paid no taxes for those missing years. Our side needs to be on...(Read Full Post)