Romney drops the 'L-Word' on Obama

Even a squishy old RINO like me has been wondering when Romney would get around to accusing the president of being a liar. The wait is over. Weekly Standard: "When a president doesn't tell the truth," the voiceover in the ad says. "How can we trust him to lead?" "The Obama outsourcing attacks: 'misleading, unfair and untrue,'" the voiceover continues. "There was 'no evidence' that Mitt Romney shipped jobs overseas." Then, the ad refers to what it considers unfair attacks on Democrat Hillary Clinton during the 2008 campaign. "Candidate Obama lied about Hillary Clinton," the voiceover states, before cutting to a clip of Clinton saying, "So shame on you, Barack Obama." The ad concludes: "But America expects more from a president. Obama's dishonest campaign: Another reason America has lost confidence in Barack Obama." This ad will begin airing immediately, especially, sources tell me, in swing states like Ohio and Virginia. It represents the strongest pushback by the Romney...(Read Full Post)