Roberts did not change

If you wish to understand Thursday's incoherent opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts, you must first know Republican history from the Summer of 2005. Contrary to most that has been written since Thursday's enactment of RobertsCare, Chief Justice John Roberts did not change.  He has always been that way.  Eight years ago, when John Roberts was nominated, we were warned that he was a liberal jurist appointed by a RINO president, just as liberal David Souter was appointed by the previous RINO president.  Two articles in July 2005 by Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter foretold the Souter-like liberal jurisprudence of Justice Roberts.  We now know that Shapiro and Coulter were 100% correct. President Bush's Roberts Pick Disappoints was written by Ben Shapiro on 7/20/5.  Pull quote: "Roberts is not an originalist.  There is nothing in his very short jurisprudential record to indicate that his judicial philosophy involves strict fidelity to the original...(Read Full Post)