Richard Lugar's 13,000th Senate Vote

Richard Lugar celebrated a career milestone this week, casting his 13,000th vote as a U.S. Senator.  You heard that right -- thirteen thousand.  A press release from Lugar's office praised his voting record that now victoriously ranks Lugar "10th place in all-time [Senate] votes...having passed earlier this year former Senator and current Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE) who cast 12,959 votes."  I'm not inclined to kick a man when he's down, but if Lugar's swan song is his 13,000th vote, the message of his political defeat in the name of small government appears to have been all but lost. The vote was likely one of Lugar's last, following his sound defeat in the Indiana primary, where voters apparently believe 36 years is less public service than a career.   By the time Lugar is forced to retire in November, he will have represented Indiana  -- a State in which he has not resided for decades -- nearly 13,140 days.  At 13,000 votes, that's almost one...(Read Full Post)