Oops! Giant plane lands at tiny airport

A United States Air Force C-17 cargo plane accidentally landed at Peter O. Knight airport, a small civil aviation field with a runway 3405 feet long, instead of 11,000 feet at nearby McDill Air Force Base.  Because the C-17 is designed for short field operations, it was able to take off (with a different crew) a few hours later and head home to McDill. In this screen grab, you can see the giant pplane on the righ end of the runway, and how little concrete is available for takeoff. KFLA-TV reports: It is actually not that uncommon for airplanes, even commercial airliners, to land at the wrong airport. The most embarrassing such instance happened in 1959, when a United Airlines DC-6B, bound for Omaha's Eppley Field, instead landed at Council Bluffs Airport, across the Missouri River from Omaha. The Council Bluffs Airport official history recounts: Early in the morning of December 28, 1959, the Council Bluffs Airport received an unexpected visitor. Captain J.E. Hicks of...(Read Full Post)