Olympic Outsourcing

Amid charges by the Obama campaign that Bain Capital was responsible for outsourcing American jobs overseas in an effort to avoid discussion of their sorry economic program, we learn that the Olympic attire designed by Ralph Lauren for Team USA is being made in China. That's right. Team USA will be fashionably dressed in the Ralph Lauren preppy look as they take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games, but their snappy outfits will actually be made in Chinese sweat shops. The spirit of American athleticism will be clothed by Chinese laborers working at contract manufacturers where Ralph Lauren clothing designs are outsourced. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D)-Nev., blasted this revelation by stating that officials from the U.S. Olympic Committee should "burn them." House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Reid in condemning the decision while House Speaker John Boehner said "You'd think they'd know better." The charges leveled by the Obama...(Read Full Post)