Obama versus Romney on national debt and national security

The LA Times, Obama's reliable Left Coast bootlicker, has published an interesting Op-Ed on national security and the federal debt. The Op-Ed, penned by two "foreign policy scholars at the [liberal] Brookings Institution" requires a bit of digging to find some of less than flattering statements about our President.  But, since this is the LA Times we also find some sharp jabs at Mitt Romney's candidacy. Here are few interesting quotes: ...Adm.Michael G. Mullen, was fond of saying, national debt has become perhaps our top national security threat. And neither major presidential candidate is doing enough about it. The United States has been running trillion-dollar deficits, resulting in a huge explosion in the country's indebtedness. Publicly held debt now equals 70% of gross domestic product, a threshold many economists consider significant and highly worrisome. Just highly worrisome?  Gosh, that doesn't sounds too serious, like soap film on a shower door or a bad case of...(Read Full Post)