Obama, The Collective, and Us

Despite Republican disapprobation, some credit must be given to President Obama's notorious Roanoke statement: perhaps never in human history has division of labor been so pronounced, nor the mutual dependency of human beings so obvious.  For every developed civilization permits a high degree of specialization, reducing (or depending on one's perspective, exalting) men into increasingly specified forms of production and service, and thus dependency upon others for survival.  Yet because money is the primary method of exchange amongst the highly civilized, being introduced to the citizen practically upon birth and rarely having its legitimacy questioned, men eventually dissociate the goods they buy from the labor associated with the goods' production.  They receive their paychecks, and buy from merchants; they are unacquainted with the producers, and so almost believe themselves capable of producing wealth magically; they were born into wealth, and so believe wealth...(Read Full Post)