NY Times depicts Olmert as peace maker, Bibi as peace-wrecker; Abbas gets off scot free

Leo Rennert
In reporting the acquittal of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of serious corruption charges, the New York Times seizes an opportunity to serve up a big dose of historical revisionism in pursuit of its own agenda and bias. Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner, in a July 11 article, proceeds to depicts Olmert as a dogged peace-maker, whose efforts were cast aside by his successor, Prime Minister Netanyahu, after Olmert was forced to resign.  Yet, while sketching these Olmert-good-guy, Bibi bad-guy characterizations, Kershner remains mum about any and all of the peace-obstruction tactics of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.  In her view, Abbas -- let alone Hamas rule in Gaza -- apparently bear no responsibility for why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is no nearer a final settlement.  The blame always falls on Israel. Here's how she puts it: "Mr. Olmert's three-year tenure as prime minister was marked by high-wire peace talks...Intensive talks with the...(Read Full Post)