Mitt gets a standing ovation at the NAACP

Did Mitt just have his first moment of "campaign magic" with the NAACP? Tim Stanley of the UK Telegraph thinks so, though he specifies that it was not the usual charismatic sort of oratorical magic, but rather a challenge, and it came late in the speech, after a slow start. It wasn't quite a game changer, but Mitt Romney finally gave voters a moment of magic in his NAACP convention speech this Wednesday. For once, style and content rose to the occasion. He even earned himself a standing ovation from a civil rights lobby - a big win for a Republican candidate. [...] At first, Romney started as badly as we've come to expect. Here's Mitt's problem: the substance of his speeches might be appropriate, but he never adjusts his style to suit the situation. Close your eyes and he could have been speaking in a tractor factory. Bill Clinton might have invoked "my sweet Lord" and shed a few tears over some saccharine anecdote. Mitt just ploughed on like he was giving a breakdown of...(Read Full Post)