Mitt and the Alinskyites

The slash and burn Saul Alinsky tactics, that all knew were coming from the Obama campaign, have arrived with a vengeance.  No one, least of all the Romney campaign, should have been surprised.   The purpose of this attack is to try and cement an image of Romney in the minds of swing voters in key battleground states.  That is an old and well worn strategy that has been successfully used in the past by many candidates running for office and inevitably begins three to four months before an election.  None of this is a surprise. Why then was the Romney campaign not better prepared, and ready with a withering counter-attack against someone with not only a woeful record in office but one with innumerable skeletons in his past that have only come to light in the past three years?  A personal biography of fabrications, radical beliefs and rank immaturity.  Many people are not aware of much of this record and it would have been, and still could be...(Read Full Post)