Make up your Mind, Mitt

The Washington Times, among other media outlets, reports that putative GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is having a tough time deciding about a word.  The word is "tax" and it pertains to the Obamacare mandate that everyone buys health insurance... or be taxed. Tax is a powerful word in the American lexicon, for historical and practical reasons.  Remember the Boston Tea Party?  Why, punitive taxes were one reason Americans fought for independence.     Taxes touch people's wallets and purses... and their freedoms.  Cornering a candidate or politician as "pro-tax" tends to work against said candidate or politician. For Romney to go wobbly by not labeling the ObamaCare mandate (the failure to purchase health insurance) as a tax denies Romney a powerful weapon in his fight for the White House.  Pushing hard to link ObamaCare to higher or punitive taxes (particularly for exercising one's God-given right not to do something) helps consolidate and...(Read Full Post)