Lies, damn lies, and TV documentaries

First the History Channel aired a "documentary" version of Howard Zinn's fake history of the United States (the one that begins with the claim that 12 million native Americans were killed in the Indian wars). Now Oliver Stone and a marxist professor from American University have created a ten part "history" of America and the world since World War 2. Showtime, owned by CBS, thought this was worth airing. At a press conference to promote the series, Stone revealed that Hitler and Stalin were misunderstood.  Ron Radosh of PJ Media has been one of the few journalists to cover this appalling new way for Americans to unlearn their history.  The Obama campaign/media smear machine has been fully revved up. First there was Bain,the corporate raider, then Bain the jobs killer, then Bain the outsourcer. Now it is Romney, the money shelterer. Greg Sargent of the Washington Post seem  to be in the middle of many of these stories as they are mainstreamed. The Jew haters who dominate...(Read Full Post)