Liberal fish squirms in Michael's Bloomberg's liberal net

Businessman Seth Goldman, a self-proclaimed "entrepreneur with a public-service orientation," has a piece in the Wall Street Journal complaining about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's social engineering of the NYC Health Code. Specifically, Goldman is upset with Bloomberg's edict that bans the sale of any sugar-sweetened drink that offers more than 16 ounces per portion.  You see, Goldman operates the beverage company Honest Tea and his bottle is 16.9 ounces. Government edicts in the public marketplace have become common during the Obama administration, but what happens when liberals who make money in said marketplace get caught up in the self-righteous liberal net of we-know-what's-best-for-you? They squirm like so many fish grabbed from the pools of freedom. Here is Goldman squirming: One response we considered was putting 0.9 ounce less liquid in our bottles, but that would create a separate set of complications. We fill our bottles to the brim-not just because we like...(Read Full Post)