Israel takes out strategic insurance against any Egyptian threat to its global shipping lanes

Israel and China have signed an agreement to build a railway connecting Israel's southernmost port of Eilat with its Mediterranean ports at Ashdod and Haifa. The joint multi-billion dollar project will give commercial shipping a ready detour around the Suez canal for vessels heading from  the Med to major sea lanes in the Indian Ocean and to ports of call in eastern Africa and southern Asia.  And vice versa. However, there's more to the joint venture than mutual commercial interests, important as they are - China, an emerging world power, wants to expand  global trade routes; Israel, with its booming high-tech sector, has similar objectives.   For Israel, the strategic value of this railway project may be even more important than its commercial benefits. In one stroke, it gives Israel a direct  link for cargos headed to Eilat from the Indian Ocean via the Red Sea and thence to the Gulf of Aqaba and then, via the new railway, on to Europe, northern Africa and...(Read Full Post)