Huffington Post: Life Is Sacred (So Let's Support Abortion)

Writing at the Huffington Post, George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling take lying and propaganda to dizzying heights. To begin, Lakoff and Wehling cite a New York Times report that suggests "morning-after pills" probably don't prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in a woman's uterus.  From this one report by one newspaper, they conclude, "In short, morning-after pills do not operate on fertilized eggs at all." [Emphasis added]  Wow. Lakoff and Wehling then whine that it's been six weeks (yes, six weeks) since that report was made public, yet Republicans (and the Catholic Church) remain silent.  So, "The point is clear. The truth doesn't matter." To demonstrate this point, Lakoff observes that "conservatives against abortion [are] not in favor of guaranteed prenatal or postnatal care for mothers and children."  He adds that "conservatives against such policies do not care about the well-being of the babies at all."  Wrong. Defined correctly, human rights are...(Read Full Post)