Hillary Clinton Meets with Egypt's President Mursi

It's been a momentus week for President Mursi. He engineered a crisis with the military council by reconvening a parliament they had dissolved. He faced off with the Supreme Court when he said he would ignore their order to shut parliament down. And, after backing off that position, he traveled to Saudi Arabia, hat in hand, for some of that Saudi cash to prop up the faltering Egyptian economy. Now, the Americans have come calling. Voice of America: "This afternoon, President Morsi and I began a constructive dialogue about the broad, enduring relationship between the United States and Egypt for the 21st century," she told reporters. "We discussed the challenges ahead and how the United States and Egypt can work together in a spirit of mutual respect and mutual interest." Clinton says the free election of a president for the first time in Egypt's long history is an inspiring achievement and a testament to voters' courage and commitment.  But President Morsi's election is not...(Read Full Post)