High Spend Rail Needs Big New Taxes

The CHSRA (California High-Speed Rail Authority) thinks it's never too early to use its greasy paws to remove an additional wad of cash from every taxpayer's wallet. You might think that the taxpayers of California would eventually learn that they fund the only free lunch in town; a wonderful buffet exclusively laid out for corrupt Democratic politicians and their union puppet masters. But sadly, that is not the case. From the reliably liberal SFGATE website we read: Now that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation to allow the state to spend billions on high-speed rail, Bay Area residents had better brace for the real ride - a push for $650 million in toll hikes and new San Francisco taxes. That's how much will be needed to help pay for a tunnel to connect the Transbay Terminal to the Caltrain station at Fourth and King streets. As it turns out, none of the $2.5 billion in tunnel costs were included as part of the narrowly approved high-speed-rail deal. It's up to the...(Read Full Post)