Goofy Prescription to Forestall the New Great Depression

Richard Duncan, author of "The New Depression," appeared on CNBC's Squawk Box Europe on Monday to discuss what he calls "creditism" and the prospects of a new Great Depression.  What Duncan advices be done to prevent or at least forestall a new Great Depression appears to come from goofy Paul Krugman's playbook.  And since Krugman's thinking comes from liberal think tanks and the Democratic National Committee, well, that might give us an insight into Duncan's reasoning.     Duncan says that a new depression would be so severe that it would threaten civilization.  Mad Max, here we come?  Duncan's solutions to prevent a depression are, using his own word, "radical."  Duncan wants to fend off a civilization-destroying depression by encouraging governments to borrow more trillions of dollars.  The economist and author also wants corporatism, it seems. This from the CNBC report:        Duncan argues that...(Read Full Post)