Going negative, the lying Democratic way

Further proof--not that it was needed--of Democratic trickery, deceptiveness and desperation is summarized in this The New Republic headline, "Bain Attacks Might Work, Even If It Can't Be Proven": While Nate Cohn is referring to the effectiveness of the shrill negative Romney ads by President Barack Obama (D) re-election camp rather than their proven erroneous content, no matter. For the Dems, just go-- no, not rogue, that's too difficult--but false. Because lying about Bain might work. [T]he Bain attacks only need to reinforce existing unfavorable perceptions of Romney among undecided voters or raise apprehensions that might ultimately be exploited by future stories or attacks. This might not show up in the head to heads in July, but it could in November if Obama reclaims a portion of the white working class vote or they don't turn out for Romney. As Cohn worriedly noted previously  Why haven't historic events changed the election? None alter the fundamentals of the race:...(Read Full Post)