George Will Says Chicago Teachers Union 'Not All Wrong'

George Will, a well-known conservative voice has acknowledged teacher unions' members are "not all wrong." These three words are astonishing to those of us who have followed the developments for the past two years. In an opinion column for the Washington Post Will discusses the major players in the embattled Chicago schools, and implies unions are not the only bad guys in the tug-of-war to see who ends up on top. Even though he says the unions have done little to change the dismal public schools, he recognizes rank and file teachers still have a voice. From Washington Post: Emanuel got state law changed to require unions to get 75 percent of the entire membership rather than a simple majority to authorize a strike. Some people thought this would make strikes impossible. The CTU got 90 percent to authorize. Lewis's members are annoyed, and are not all wrong. It wasn't just Mayor Rahm Emanuel who got the state to change the strike percentage from 50 to 75, but it was the heavy handed...(Read Full Post)