Does Pres. B.O. understand that "twin plants" have created prosperity on the U.S.-Mexico border?

The Obama re-election campaign (aka "let's talk about everything except my record") has now taken a Mexican direction. The Obama team is now blaming Romney for "outsourcing" jobs to Mexico.   In fact, much of the "outsourcing" to Mexico has been in the form of "maquiladoras," or those twin plants that have done much to promote the economies of both countries. For example, there are hundreds of these operations in El Paso-Cd. Juarez and San Diego-Tijuana.  Just ask all of those Dems in South Texas about the economic impact of these twin plants!  I guess that most of these South Texas Democrats must be appalled at Obama's incredible lack of knowledge about what makes the border economy work. These twin plants have been supported by both governments and represent a good example of Mexico and the U.S. working together with mutual benefits.  The plants have done a lot to keep Mexicans in Mexico rather than crossing the border to look for opportunities. ...(Read Full Post)