Coming to a hospital near you

For yet another shuddering preview of life under Obamacare coming to a hospital and doctor's office near you read the latest frightening news from England, the home of socialized medicine, so beloved by liberals here who don't endure it...yet.  England's paper, The Telegraph highlights a few recent horrors. Socialized medicine is expensive. So to cut costs  Hospitals 'letting patients die to save money' Hospitals may be depriving elderly patients of food and drink to hasten their deaths as part of cost-cutting measures to free up bed space, leading doctors warn. Tens of thousands of patients with terminal illnesses are placed on a "death pathway" to help end their lives every year. However, in a letter to The Daily Telegraph, six doctors warn that hospitals may be using the controversial scheme to reduce strain on hospital resources. Supporters of the Liverpool Care Pathway, which allows medical staff to withhold fluid and drugs in a patient's final days, claim it is the...(Read Full Post)