Chicago's Race and Gang Wars Continue, But the NATO Summit Was A Success

Hypocrisy is alive and well and living in Chicago, especially found within the corridors of the fifth floor of City Hall, the Chicago Police Dept HQ on State Street, and the editorial offices of the Chicago media chieftains and op-ed writers. The media is reporting the investigation of more flash mob attacks in the Near North/River North area of Chicago, but yet not one word is reported that these continue to be black on white crimes. The Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman in an op-ed piece, stated in so many words that race was not mentioned unless it was relevant to the story. If the flash mobs were white, and the victims black, the media would take hold of that face in a New York minute, and Al Sharpton and his minions would be holding press conferences in Daley Center decrying hate crimes and demanding further action be taken and justice for the victims. Meanwhile, gang wars continue unabated on the city's West Side and in some of the poorest neighborhoods.  On the 4th of July,...(Read Full Post)