Breaking News: Zimmerman Molested a Six-Year-Old Girl (When he was Eight)

George Zimmerman's cousin came forward to denounce him to prosecutors as a serial groper.  The first incident took place when the two children were lying under a blanket while they watched TV.  Other episodes occurred at widely spaced intervals when the families got together. The final incident happened when the girl -- a girl no longer -- was 20.  She drove over to Zimmerman's house, knowing that he was alone there, agreed to get a massage from him, lay down on a bed, and then got upset when George tried to segue the massage into something less PG-rated. Judging by the twenty-one minutes or so of her recorded testimony, which Prosecutor Angela Corey decided to release on Monday, the cousin seems to have been traumatized by the encounters.  But she is nearly as upset about her own passivity.  She never said no, never refused to accompany her family or pleaded an illness (often the clue that something's wrong), and never told her parents. Earlier, the cousin...(Read Full Post)