'Blobfest' in Phoenixville, PA, honors 1958 horror film seen as metaphor for 'creeping communism'

This evening around 7:30 p.m., things will be hopping in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. In the normally sedate hamlet, hundreds of people will be screaming and running about -- women, children, and men. Many will be dressed in clean-cut 1950s-era garb.  But, no, this has nothing to do with guns and religion: what inside-the-Beltway liberal sophisticates believe obsesses hayseeds in places like Phoenixville (pop. 16,440) -- situated 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia at the junction of French Creek and Schuylkill River. This evening, Phoenixville kicks off one of small-town America's wackiest summer festivals: Blobfest. It's been going on for 12 years now, and is inspired by the 1958 science fiction/horror film "The Blob," which was widely seen in cold-war America as a metaphor for creeping communism (in spite of the filmmaker's assertion that it was really a biblical parable). Filmed in and around Phoenixville, "The Blob" starred a yucky and murderous alien glob and a...(Read Full Post)