Another racist rant from Jeremiah Wright

Even thought Wright has been declared out of bounds by the press, the Democrats, and Mitt Romney, we should continue to highlight this man's thinking if only because he was so close to President Obama for two decades. Yesterday, he was in Washington, D.C. giving a sermon at the historic Florida Avenue Baptist Church when the good Reverend let down his hair and spewed hate from the pulpit. Politico: Speaking at Washington's Florida Avenue Baptist Church, which marks its 100th anniversary this week, Wright urged parishioners to teach their children true African-American history and not to cede their educations to "our enemies" who teach "his story," one that "distorts our story, disses our story." Children may "only know Oprah and Obama," he said, so it's up to elders to teach about Nat Turner, Emmett Till, Rosa Parks, Paul Robeson, Zora Neale Hurston and other black voices. "We need to tell our children ... how we got from a black congressman named Adam Clayton Powell to a...(Read Full Post)