America's Top Conservatives Politically Battle-Ready to Defeat Obama's Tyranny

On July 4th, I co-hosted the Campaign To Defeat Obama Telethon.  We raised funds to wage campaigns in four states which Obama won last election: Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Nevada.  Our goal is to win those states, delivering 50 electoral votes to Mitt Romney.  Patriots across America responded well, making the telethon a success. I thought it might be interesting to share a little behind-the-scenes info with you. After the broadcast, a few of our staff who were taking donations over the phones said they were shocked at the number of hate-filled, emotion-driven, idiotic calls from Obama supporters. Obama-brain-dead callers expressed outrage that we would dare oppose America's first black president on Independence Day.  A caller said, "I'm gonna find out where that traitorous n-----, Lloyd Marcus, lives and kick his a--!  I will go to a Tea Party and punch him in the face!" Other Obama callers were equally vile, expressing their anger at Dr. Alveda King,...(Read Full Post)