Why Didn't Obama Halt Gulf Oil Spill in the First Weeks of June 2010?

For a man who could halt the rising level of the seas on the day he was elected, President Obama seems to have been incredibly inept in stopping the BP gulf oil spill. The question the media lapdogs have never asked him is, what defense does he have to this statement by the expert technical consultants hired by his Oil Spill Commission  It is possible that, if the BOP stack had been removed and replaced with a new BOP stack immediately after the unsuccessful top kill attempts, the well could have been brought under control within the first weeks of June (emphasis added). This argument is supported by the fact that the BOP stack was successfully unlatched and replaced after the Macondo well was cemented. Does this mean that the American people did not have to wait until the relief well finally "killed" the well at 5:54CDT on September 19, 2010? This remarkable statement can be found on page 26 of the research paper prepared by Mayank Tyagi, PhD., John Rogers Smith, PhD., P.E. and...(Read Full Post)