Who should pay for a political visit by the president?

A small town in New Hampshire wants the Obama presidential campaign to pay from $20-30,000 in police overtime so that residents will be adequately protected during Obama's visit. But the Obama campaign says it won't pay, which has prompted the Durham Town Council to call a special Monday morning meeting to address the issue. "Certainly we welcome candidates," Durham Town Councilor Diana Caroll said. "It's important for our democracy. But when it comes to presidential candidates, it does cost a lot of money for all the services... Who pays for that? That's the question." An Obama campaign official confirmed Saturday night that it will not cover the cost of any police details associated with Monday's visit. Typically, the campaign does not pay for security planning, the source said, only for expenses related to the event itself. For example, the campaign is paying to use Oyster River High School on Monday. Durham is a small town with only about 14,000 residents, near the...(Read Full Post)