Who should choose a kid's lunch - parents or government?

It has come to this; the need for a law to guarantee one of the fundamental rights of parenthood. A few months ago a four year old had her pre school lunch confiscated by the biggest, strongest bully of them all--the government. This happened when a North Carolina state official decreed a home packed lunch consisting of a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and potato chips was unhealthy because it lacked a vegetable. And so the state official ordered an ostensibly healthier lunch for her--chicken nuggets, milk, fruit and that all important vegetable. However he graciously allowed her to keep her home made lunch and even more graciously didn't force the little one to actually eat the official healthy lunch--vegetable and all. But the intimidated tyke ate the nuggets--greasy school nuggets!--although the sandwich was healthier. Actually the state official was only doing his job--state and federal guidelines dictate "the nutrition standards for pre-K lunch require milk,...(Read Full Post)