Walker and Kleefisch appear victorious in Wisconsin

Good news for the sane sector of the public, as Wisconsin voters appear to have handed victory to Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch in the recall election sponsored by the unions.  So says Fox News after taking an hour to be certain of the outcome. The raw numbers give Walker a healthy margin of 18 points as this is written. This election amounts to a major repudiation of public sector union bosses, who have seen their membership plummet under the reforms Walker and the GOP majority of the legislature enacted. The automatic involuntary transfer of wealth from taxpayers to public workers to unions to the Democratic Party has been broken in the state of Wisconsin. Most delicious of all, this was a fight the unions picked, devoting millions to gathering signatures and backing a candidate who failed to win the primary. The union bosses have struck out, and they drew on plenty of backing from national unions who saw the handwriting on the wall. The first public employees union...(Read Full Post)