UN monitors blocked from new massacre site in Syria

The body count is at least 70, with some estimates much higher than that. The massacre took place in Hama and activists say that almost half the victims are women and children. CBS: The Britain-based Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday that "dozens" were killed overnight in Mazraat al-Qubair on the outskirts of Hama. But the group, which relies on a network of activists on the ground, is still documenting names. Another prominent opposition group, the Syrian National Council, tells CBS News at least 70 people were killed in the Hama incident, which they claim strongly resembles what they say happened in Houla at the end of May - when 108 people were killed in shelling and house-to-house raids. The SNC says, just as in Houla, regime troops first shelled the village in Hama and then government-sponsored militiamen, known as shabiha, came in with guns and knives and killed the civilians, including in this case, they say, 42 women and children. Assad's regime has denied...(Read Full Post)