Turkey moves forces to Syrian border

Can't say exactly whether this makes war between Syria and Turkey more likely, but it is a definite escalation on the part of Turkey following the shoot down last week of their unarmed jet. Reuters: In southeastern Turkey, Turkish military convoys moved towards the Syrian frontier, reacting to Syria's shooting down of a Turkish warplane over the Mediterranean on Friday. The build-up of defenses coincided with an escalation of violence in Syria itself and a growing sense of urgency in Western- and Arab-backed diplomatic efforts to forge a unity government and end 16 months of bloodshed. After Syria on Friday shot down a Turkish warplane, which Ankara says was in international airspace over the Mediterranean, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan ordered his troops to treat any Syrian military element approaching the border as a military target. He gave no details, but this could cover Syrian forces pursuing rebels towards the border, or patrolling helicopters or warplanes. Syria...(Read Full Post)