The Return

Jason hasn't been at Gleason's Gym in six years.  He and his wife moved to San Diego.  Now they're in town trailing a three year old son -- Winston.  They all look great.  I love getting in touch with my past, especially when yesterday visits me in the gym. Gleason's is my memory.  My students are my bridge to myself.  I walk over to them and shake the hands of continuity. Jason's wife Angela took lessons with me ahead of Jason.  Then she brought him into the gym. I looked forward to their lessons not to teach them but to chat with them.  They were fun and two of the few people in Brooklyn who were conservative.  I felt like we were a hidden coven that had to keep our opinions away from the liberals who could not tolerate dissension. Angela and Winston go out for a walk while I give Jason a lesson.  I'm shocked by how much he remembers.  His footwork is great, his hook comes from the body not the arm and his straight left could...(Read Full Post)